I have been a graphic artist since 1978. In that time, my work has appeared in newspapers and magazines, in comic books, on embroidered patches and screen-printed t-shirts, coffee mugs and buses, and on numerous websites. I have sculpted and drawn, worked on computers and in photography. I’ve produced designs and illustrations for projects ranging from thimbles to billboards, for industries as diverse as public transportation, telecommunications, computer network support, direct marketing, education, child care, construction, consumer products, electronics, musical instrument and home entertainment packaging, a few theatre companies and two symphony orchestras.

I am equally skilled in desktop and traditional (non-computer) illustration and production, a longtime power user of the Adobe Creative Suite, comfortable with Microsoft Office, and exceptional at hand-building mockups, comps and prototypes of all sorts.

My Resume

If you’re eager to put me to work, please contact me at jim@jimmacq.com.